Malpractice Insurance for Podiatrists

Why Podiatrists Are Choosing Medical Protective

Medical Protective, the leader in medical malpractice coverage, has teamed up with DT Podiatric Preferred Group, LLC (a risk purchasing group "RPG") to bring you industry leading risk management programs and continuing education through our DPM-Preferred® program. Together, we are the best choice for podiatrists. Here's why:

Pure Consent to Settle

We will never settle any case without the consent of the podiatrist. It's your money. Your name is on the policy. You should be the one making the decisions.

Coverage Highlights

  • Professional liability
  • Defense costs are paid outside of policy limit (unlimited)
  • Workplace liability
  • Premises liability
  • Personal injury liability
  • Coverage for podiatrists and their staff
  • A national company with portability of coverage nationwide

Occurrence and Claims-Made

We offer podiatrists both claims-made and occurrence policies. An occurrence policy gives you increased flexibility and never requires the purchase of a tail (extended reporting period). Our convertible claims-made product enables you to easily convert from claims-made coverage to occurrence coverage.

Winning Defense

You benefit from the best claims team in the industry. MedPro wins 90% of all healthcare professionals trials nationwide.

Risk Management

Your carrier should be committed not only to defending you in court, but also to keeping you from ever seeing a courtroom. Each year our clinical risk team answers thousands of calls, helping our doctors improve patient safety, communication and training.
  • Consultants average more than 20 years experience in the healthcare industry
  • Risk management news and information
  • Broad range of consulting services
  • Home-based & online risk educational courses
  • Continuing Education credits available

RPG Benefits

Your RPG membership fee ($150) provides the following:
  • Oversight from top national podiatric leaders on claim trends, risk prevention and medical - education
  • Free risk management program with continuing education written exclusively for the podiatric physician
  • Complimentary subscription to Foot and Ankle Quarterly
  • Up to 24 free continuing education hours
  • DPM Preferred© resources give you access to podiatric articles and whitepapers


Why wait in hope of a future dividend? Save now with MedPro while benefiting from the most comprehensive coverage.

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