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Allergy and Immunology

MedPro was founded by doctors in 1899. For over a century, doctors have been involved in every key aspect of MedPro's organization: claims, underwriting, risk management and patient safety/protection. Their involvement has improved the healthcare delivery of more than a million healthcare providers throughout the years; however, given today's rapidly changing healthcare environment, we are not satisfied to rest on our laurels. Accordingly, MedPro has established specialty boards comprised exclusively of established doctors and healthcare leader who are experts in their specialties.

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allergists and immunologists across the country and has been protecting physicians like you since 1899.

Allergy and Immunology


Allergy and Immunology Claims


Claims Data

Top Allegations for Allergy and Immunology

Source: MedPro Claims Data.

Average Loss Payment for Allergy and Immunology

Source: MedPro Claims Data.

Allergy and Immunology: Closed Without Payment

Source: MedPro Claims Data; PIAA Risk Management Review Reports, 2011
Edition for Allergy and Immunology.

Allergy and Immunology: Average Loss Payment

Source: MedPro Claims Data; PIAA Risk Management Review Reports, 2011
Edition for Allergy and Immunology.

Risk management resources

MedPro insures thousands of specialty physicians across the country and is committed to providing top-notch risk management products and services, including:
  • Dedicated risk management consultants who provide timely and meaningful support and guidance.
  • A series of at-a-glance FAQ documents that offer succinct and concise information, strategies and resources.
  • A convenient online risk management library that includes both broad and specialty-specific publications and resources.
  • Closed claims analyses that provide risk-reduction strategies.
  • ACCME-accredited educational opportunities, including in-person customized presentations that meet the needs of individual groups.
  • Online risk courses offered through MedPro's vendor relationship with Medical Risk Management, Inc.
  • On-site clinical risk assessments coordinated with a risk management consultant. Following assessments, insureds receive a written report that includes specific, evidence-based, risk-reduction strategies and recommendations based on industry standards.
  • Risk-reduction products and services at discounted prices through MedPro's strategic vendor relationships. Products include:
    • Interpreter and translator services
    • Informed consent templates
    • Test tracking and follow-up monitoring


"...they handled our case expertly, judiciously, and in a most professional manner. All those premiums paid over 40 years were worth every cent."

MedPro Insured

"I want to thank you and MedPro for the excellent job you did on this case…because of your persistence and the excellent defense work, we were able to get this case dismissed."

MedPro Insured

"I would like to express my appreciation regarding the defense provided to me by MedPro. My defense team was excellent throughout the entire stressful process of deposition, case preparation, and especially, the trial. They were thorough, well prepared and, most importantly, a constantly calming influence. Their calm demeanor masks what I can only describe as a chessmaster's tatical skill. I will be forever grateful for the efforts and skills used in my defense."

MedPro Insured

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