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I am new to practice:

Great news! Unlike the majority of healthcare providers who are currently covered by a claims-made policy, you can choose occurrence coverage without obstacle–you have no existing tail (or retroactive period) exposure that otherwise would have to be covered before buying occurrence coverage. You’re in a great position today to start your career as a healthcare provider with a wonderful product—occurrence coverage. Complete the form here to get a quote.

I am an existing occurrence policyholder:

Congratulations! You made a great choice. The only remaining question to consider is whether your carrier has the financial strength, stability and longevity to provide all the limits you have purchased long into your retirement and beyond. Eliminate all uncertainty–complete the form here to get an occurrence quote from the same carrier formed by those same doctors in 1899 who birthed healthcare liability, MedPro Group–a carrier today owned by Berkshire Hathaway company.

I am an existing claims-made policyholder:

No problem. Most healthcare providers are in the same situation because few carriers have the financial strength, stability and longevity to offer occurrence coverage. In fact, even some carriers that are financially stable choose not to offer occurrence because they may believe it is in their best financial interest to offer only claims-made coverage.

Call your current agent or insurance company today and ask for both tail coverage and occurrence quotes. If they cannot provide either quote—or the quote is cost-prohibitive—complete the form here to get a quote and learn how MedPro Group can convert your current claims-made coverage to occurrence.

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