Choosing Dental Liability Insurance

Your liability insurance policy is one of the most important purchases that you'll make. Being informed when choosing a company and policy type can have long-lasting effects throughout your career.

Step 1: Choose Your Company

Price is just one factor when choosing a liability insurance company. Companies differ significantly in financial stability, breadth of coverage, strength of defense and others. Use this guide to help you compare companies you may be considering.

Step 2: Choose Your Policy

There are two main types of liability insurance policies: occurrence and claims-made. At the most basic level, the policy types differ in how coverage is triggered. Click here to learn more.
Another decision you will have to make is your policy limits. The most common limits for new dentists today are $1million/$3million, which means a $1million limit per claim, and a $3million limit per policy year. MedPro Group offers a variety of limit options above $1million/$3million; you may be surprised how inexpensive an increase in policy limits may be.

Step 3: Apply for Coverage

You can apply for liability coverage online. Please call 800-4MEDPRO if you have any trouble or questions during the process.
Click here to get started.
All ASDA members receive an exclusive ASDA discount in addition to the New to Practice discounts.

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