[A++] (A.M. Best) means MedPro Group affiliates have the highest financial strength ratings of any healthcare liability carriers in the industry

Why should an financial strength rating from the A.M. Best Company matter to you, and how did MedPro Group earn the ratings?

As this chart indicates, many U.S.-based healthcare liability insurers boast what may appear to be impressive financial strength ratings. In fact, many healthcare liability companies have boasted mid-range financial strength ratings only a couple years prior to their eventual demise. Financial strength ratings from independent, third-party agencies, such as A.M. Best or Standard & Poor's, are like grades in school — although many "good" grades are awarded, only the top performers receive truly superior marks. Get the facts. Learn why MedPro Group industry-leading A++ financial strength ratings from A.M. Best make MedPro Group the "Superior" option, and why that should matter to you.