Why an A++ Rating
Matters to You

While an A++ financial strength rating from A.M. Best is impressive, the reasons behind MedPro Group high marks are what should matter most to you.

  1. Our stability is your stability.

    MedPro has been defending claims since 1899, and our financial strength assures we'll be around to defend claims well into the future. It's one thing for an insurance company to boast that it can endure difficult market cycles — it's another when an independent, third-party rating agency says the same by awarding the highest financial strength rating in the entire healthcare malpractice industry. If sued — you would want the assurance that the claim will be handled by a company with the strongest financial strength ratings and the most experience in the industry. That's MedPro.

  2. Best Defense for You.

    Properly adjudicating every claim is expensive. We have the financial strength to provide you the best defense possible. The best financial strength rating means we are able to hire the best defense attorneys and experts. And we do…with the simple goal of providing you the best defense possible, every time. For instance, even in a case in which the plaintiff appealed six times, requiring over 20 years to resolve the case in favor of our insured, MedPro was there to provide the best defense possible.

  3. Competitive Rates.

    An A++ rating from A.M. Best means we can easily weather the ups and downs of pricing cycles in the healthcare liability industry. We're not always the lowest in price, but we've offered some of the most competitive prices in the industry for decades.

  4. Focus.

    As a carrier focused on healthcare liability coverage, MedPro's financial strength and rating allow us to provide the nation's most comprehensive coverage and best defense without worrying whether a non-healthcare liability-related catastrophe will occur (such as a weather emergency or other natural disaster).

  5. Innovation.

    An A++ rating from A.M. Best means that we have resources to keep up with the constantly evolving healthcare liability market and to keep our products and services current with policyholder needs. We invest in various innovative pursuits to assure the availability of the most comprehensive, robust coverage in the industry. Our financial strength gives us a marked advantage over the competition in these regards.

  6. Cutting-Edge Patient Safety and Risk Management Resources.

    MedPro's industry-leading financial strength allows us to hire the industry's best risk management and patient safety experts to assure your practice receives superior guidance.