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Have you ever considered what it would feel like to have a claim filed against you?

Imagine the following scenario: A courtroom is thick with intensity. The plaintiff's attorney repeatedly asks you to answer his question. You second-guess what you should say. The words don't come; you are paralyzed. The jury just stares at you. A few scribble notes; one woman glares. You look to your defense team as if to say, "What do I do?" They whisper to each other without making eye contact with you.

You are lost, confused, unprepared and afraid. And, one false move may cost you everything.

At MedPro, we strive to ensure that you will never feel like you are alone. Our claims team makes sure you will never feel uninformed about where your case stands. We will be your trusty guides through any claim or trial scenario that might arise.

We have decades of experience on how MedPro applies its strong defense philosophy. The following diverse case studies illustrate our expertise and diligence at work in the real world.


Determination and Financial Stability Give MedPro the Edge Over Other Medmal Companies

Claims are extremely stressful. Our attorneys, however, aren't just liaisons between you, the judge and jury. They are your committed legal advisors who guide you, prepare you and find creative ways to navigate the complexities of the legal process.

Case: In the late 1990s, a female patient was referred to our insured for further evaluation of cardiac symptoms, which included severe and worsening shortness of breath that was debilitating and interfered with her daily activities. She had a pre-existing history of renal insufficiency, as evidenced by her persistently elevated BUN/creatinine levels. Under the care of our insured, she underwent a thorough evaluation, including a cardiac catheterization, trans-esophageal echocardiogram and a digital subtraction angiography. Upon evaluation of these tests, it was determined that she needed to undergo cardiac surgery.

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Medical Protective Doesn't Back Down from Unexpected Court Results

MedPro's relentless support of an anesthesiologist and a CRNA highlights its ability to defend all healthcare providers.

Case: Over ten years ago, a female patient underwent gastric bypass surgery to alleviate health issues associated with morbid obesity and hypertension. The initial surgery went well with no complications. She spent one week in the hospital. One day after discharge, she was readmitted with abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Diagnostic studies revealed a small bowel obstruction.

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Having Familiarity with Thousands of Experts Puts Our Defense Teams In a Uniquely Powerful Position

MedPro has spent significant time and effort locating specialists and those who have experience in highly specialized procedures, conditions and diseases. These invaluable physicians and surgeons make our defense process robust and our teams extremely knowledgeable and prepared to deal with rare and uncommon situations.

Case: Approximately six years ago, a 33-year-old plaintiff was 27 weeks pregnant when she presented to the emergency room, complaining of lower abdominal pain and leaking vaginal fluid. Having a history of pre-term labor, her obstetrician ordered a biophysical profile, which showed no amniotic fluid. An emergency c-section was ordered.

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Our Defense Is Focused on Allowing You to Do Good Work

Sometimes, there is risk in performing good work to make a difference in a person's quality of life. That's when our team is at its best.

Case: Around 15 years ago, a young teenager underwent a surgical repair on his ankle under general anesthesia. He postoperatively showed signs of progressive neurological deterioration and was left with a profound residual encephalopathy and severe neurological handicaps. The patient developed chronic dystonia and the inability to ambulate and communicate to any great extent. While he had some improvement following surgical implantation of deep brain stimulators, his quality of life was significantly altered as a result of the medical incidents.

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Stars Don't Just Align in Defense Cases – Vigilance, Planning and Experience Yield Results

We have worked long and hard to find people with the right experience, professionalism and creativity necessary to turn things around when a claim goes down a rough road.

Case: In the early 2000s, a 78-year-old male underwent surgery to remove a portion of what was thought to be a cancerous lung. He had an extensive history of more than eight chronic medical problems including COPD, severe coronary artery disease, carotid artery disease and hypertension. These conditions had been diagnosed and treated over the years. He often complained about shortness of breath, even at rest (resulting from his multiple diseases and a smoking habit).

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When You Want Loyalty, MedPro Is Undeniably the Right Choice

We believe in you. We understand that your reputation means everything. We persevere because unwavering support is how a business should operate.

Case: Over a decade ago, a mother took her 14-month-old child to see her pediatrician. The child had a high temperature and was vomiting. Having a history of ear infections, her parents had already scheduled surgery to correct the problems.

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