MedPro Group and the Hispanic Medical Professional Liability Association (Asociación Hispana de Responsabilidad Profesional Médica – AHRPM) Announce a New Program for the Hispanic Medical Community

MedPro Group, Berkshire Hathaway's dedicated healthcare liability solution, is pleased to announce a new program for members of the Hispanic Medical Professional Liability Association (AHRPM), an affinity group for Hispanic healthcare professionals residing in the United States.

This new program will assist AHRPM members in accessing healthcare liability insurance through MedPro's qualified agent and broker network, while providing enhanced access to risk management courses and accompanying premium credits. Some specific goals will be to provide additional course content with a focus on the Hispanic medical professional community, including dual-language content and materials.

"MedPro is very excited to work with an organization that has such a strong track record of internationally serving the healthcare liability needs of the Hispanic community, and we look forward to the opportunity to make a positive impact here in the United States," commented Gregory Chronis, Regional Vice President of MedPro.

"We look forward to working with MedPro to help further our mission in offering Hispanic medical professionals a means to improve healthcare quality, patient safety, and risk management across the United States," offered Daniel Wittenberg, CEO of AHRPM. "Working with the nation's leading insurer of healthcare providers – one with unmatched strength – can only improve the professional and academic growth of the Hispanic medical community."

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The Hispanic Medical Professional Liability Association/Asociacion Hispana de Responsabilidad Profesional Medica (AHRPM) is an affinity group for Spanish speaking and Hispanic healthcare professionals residing in the United States. AHRPM focuses on providing services that educate Hispanic healthcare professionals on the risks that practicing medicine entails. AHRPM provides a collaborative and participative network for its members and their businesses in order to generate economic benefits, share best practices, foster training and spread knowledge. AHRPM also offers medical professionals interested in professional liability a forum for expression and discussion of medical and legal issues referring to healthcare quality, patient safety, risk management, and physician-patient relationships, all aimed at the professional and academic growth of our Hispanic community. AHRPM allows members to connect with our network of Hispanic physicians in Latin America, with access to professional health services, a social media network, and a subscription to its medical professional liability magazine, with services in both Spanish and English. More information about AHRPM is available at

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