MedPro has the most proactive and winning defense in the industry. Why would you ever settle for anything less?

See what it's really like to face a malpractice case in court.
Then ask yourself who you want in your corner if you're in that situation.

Numbers that Matter

It's easy to ignore statistics, but the following numbers have a significant impact on how your reputation and assets are defended when it matters most.

  • $23,000 – The average payout saving as compared to competitors. In 2012, the dental industry's national average indemnity payment was more than $68,000, while Medical Protective's average payment was about $45,000. We paid $23,000 less per payout than our competitors (Source, National Practitioner Data Bank and MedPro internal data).
  • 25 – The average number of years of experience our claims managers have in the healthcare liability industry. While MedPro may utilize some of the same defense attorneys as other carriers, the experience of MedPro's claims managers is an advantage that no other carrier can match.
  • 95% – How often we win when a dental claim goes to trial.
  • 82% - The percentage of cases filed against MedPro insureds that are closed with no loss payment.
  • $5,400,000,000 – The amount of assets that are behind our "A++" financial rating from A.M. Best. When we have to pay a claim, we are financially prepared to make that payment. Every time.
  • 350,000+ - The number of cases we've managed since 1899.
  • 7,500 – The average number of claims per year we manage internally-without using third party resources.
  • 99% - The percentage of our customers who have said they are pleased with our claims service after we've defended them.
  • 115+ – The number of years since healthcare liability insurance was invented by the very same group of physicians who founded Medical Protective. From 1899 to today, MedPro has been the nation's leader in defending and protecting the healthcare community.
  • 0 – The number of exceptions in our consent to settle provision, giving individual providers complete control when using our claims strength to defend their reputations.

These numbers provide an immense sense of confidence for the healthcare professionals we protect every day. You can experience the same. Welcome to MedPro.

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