Here's what our legal defense team has to say about our claims philosophy, the legal environment and how Medical Protective really makes a difference in your defense.

Michael F. Lyon, Ohio

Lindhorst & Dreidame

Mike Lyon has more than 30 years of courtroom experience, 20 of those defending Medical Protective healthcare providers. He believes Medical Protective's Claims Supervisors and philosophy make the difference for healthcare providers.

"Medical Protective's professional Claim Supervisors are without a doubt the most sophisticated, intelligent, savvy, tough claims people I've met. They know their medicine, they know doctors, they know how doctors think and they understand lawyers and the law. These people are second to none. They recognize that every physician is different – intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and economically. We don't just talk about the liability, the causation, the damages and the medicine. We also talk about the doctors. How are they doing? Are the families supportive? These are the things we talk about and it doesn't happen anywhere else. The reason that is so important is because if you are able to support, comfort and give strength to your physicians, you are so much stronger in the courtroom. Medical Protective knows that. The company is run by the most professional and intelligent people.

They hire and work with attorneys that share their philosophy. A lot of companies hire lawyers to settle cases – they hire lawyers to make sure they never really go to trial because there is too much risk, they just want to get them to settle. But Medical Protective is just the opposite. They hire the best trial lawyers, not litigator, trial lawyers, who have tried cases to verdict because they want experienced tough trial lawyers available to try these cases. We are able to be strong, courageous and give the plaintiffs' bar the kind of battle they need."

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Jack G. Slover, Jr., Georgia

Hall, Booth, Smith & Slover

In his 35th year of practicing law, Jack talks about the increase in case severity and the unique claims experience our customers receive.

"We have seen a shift in the types of cases that have been filed. We haven't seen the smaller, less demonstrable damages cases as much. The plaintiff's counsel is taking cases with long-term disability and putting together "life care plans" that try to demonstrate the effects of the alleged injury over a lifetime. They bring out experts, such as a life-care planner and an economist, to try to prove a long-term economic impact and enhance the damages they are seeking. For a physician that's very scary. Plaintiff's lawyers are becoming more inventive and looking for bigger cases. The frequency of claims is down, but the size of the cases that are perused are much bigger, ergo, they're much more aggressive with the case."

"The Medical Protective Claims Staff provides great service to our doctors. They are responsive, empathic and sympathetic to the concerns, desires and needs of the doctors. They really confer with the doctors and guide them through this process, which is terrible for a physician. It strikes at their very core. When your integrity is questioned about the management of a patient, it is very difficult to deal with. Medical Protective will do everything they can in the best interest of the doctor."

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James P. Kilcoyne, Pennsylvania

Kilcoyne & Nesbitt

Jim Kilcoyne has defended physicians since 1985 and understands what it takes to be successful. He applauds Medical Protective for their aggressive defense philosophy and effective support.

"Medical Protective takes an early, aggressive approach to the file work up and enlists the doctor early on to really get on the same page so that when the deposition rolls around the doctor is totally ready to go, no surprises. Some other companies take a different approach, more of a "wait and see". Let's wait and see what the plaintiff's experts say before we commit the time or the money to various experts and see what they're saying. The approach MedPro takes is different than that. The approach is to get early reviews to brainstorm with the experts so we can get a defense lined up."

"Part of that defense is Medical Protective's in-house physicians, who are very helpful. What MedPro does very well is to help prevent surprises. If a case is a potentially serious one, it has a special protocol and their in-house doctors review the files and records. They are very helpful at pointing out issues we may not think of as attorneys and bring to light some medical strategy to defend the case."

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Jim Gutglass, Wisconsin

Gutglass, Erickson, Bonville and Larson, S.C.

As one of the most respected defense attorneys in Wisconsin, Jim Gutglass has defended physicians since 1982 and has seen it all. He believes Medical Protective is a wise choice for professional liability insurance.

"Every doctor should know the benefits of being with an established company like Medical Protective, especially in this climate, when everybody is worried about companies' abilities to financially step up to the plate. Medical Protective will be there for them through the long haul."

"One of the things the physicians like about working with Medical Protective is that they are encouraged to take an active defense with the lawyer. They are very sensitive about working the case up properly and getting the right experts. MedPro has always been very good about letting us spend the money to get good experts with good credentials on different issues for the case. I believe they really listen to their doctors."

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Stan Thiebaud, Texas

Stinnett Thiebaud and Remington

Stan has been defending Medical Protective healthcare providers since 1985 and has actually "fired" some other insurers as clients through the years, because he did not believe they approached their insureds with the same philosophy. "I am proud to say that Medical Protective has always acted in the manner they felt best for their insureds."

"Medical Protective brings unsurpassed and unequalled experience to the table for their insureds. Nationally, MedPro provides well over 100 years of experience and leadership singularly focused on the protection of physicians and dentists. MedPro has no peer for length of dedicated service to our nation's caregivers. The southwest region is a mirror of that national experience, boasting among the most experienced file managers of any professional insurance carrier in the country."

"Stinnett Thiebaud and Remington and Medical Protective share an identical philosophy: the aggressive evaluation of claims and defense of those who care for the sick. No two cases are the same. Each case is analyzed and a strategy is developed to reflect its unique circumstances and characteristics. The best results are achieved by those whose attention to detail and problem solving ability simply outwork those of their opponents."

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James R. Broening, Arizona

Broening, Oberg, Woods & Wilson

Jim has practiced law for 34 years and for most of that time, he has been dedicated to defending doctors. Jim has worked with many different insurance companies over the years and believes the doctor's right of "consent to settle" is a key benefit for Medical Protective customers.

"Different insurers have different personalities. We see that in their approach to cases and we see it in the training of their people and their reserve philosophy, which vary from carrier to carrier. With Medical Protective, there's a balance. If a case needs to be settled and it can be settled they try to do that. They're not bent on going to trial, but they are certainly willing to take everything to trial that needs to be tried and I think that's important for an insured.

I never ever tell a physician whether they should or shouldn't settle a case. That's their decision. It's their case. I want to make sure that whatever decision they make that they are fully informed of the risks and benefits involved with going to trial. So when they look back a year down the road, regardless of the outcome, they can say, ‘I was fully informed and I made the best decision I could, and I'm comfortable with the decision I made."

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