Healthcare Liability Insurance for Hospitals

Rely on MedPro Group to protect one of the most important intangibles of your hospital — your reputation.
Your healthcare liability company should understand the importance of your status in the community and work hard to defend that precious commodity, your reputation.
Founded in 1899, MedPro is the national leader in healthcare liability coverage across the healthcare continuum. As a proud member of Berkshire Hathaway, we have grown to become the strongest defender of healthcare providers and their organizations. We specialize in providing your organization with a balanced defense, lead by a world-class legal team, including seasoned claims experts and local trial attorneys. Our national experience gives us the perspective of trends in the healthcare liability market and the knowledge that comes from defending almost every conceivable situation, while our local expertise helps us understand the venue and your community.

We Provide a United Front

One of the greatest advantages of MedPro is the ability to coordinate the defense of the hospital and the healthcare providers to provide a united front medical liability claims. Many times the hospital and healthcare providers are pitted against each other because they have different insurance companies. With an integrated hospital-physician program, together you can fight claims more effectively.

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