Healthcare Liability Insurance for Imaging Centers

Picture a defense that you can count on. MedPro Group has extended coverage to include Imaging Centers and their associated physicians. MRI, computed tomography, X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, nuclear medicine, PET — it's all now covered by the company that's been protecting physicians and medical facilities longer than any other — MedPro.
Patients' demand for imaging services continues to grow robustly, especially at freestanding Imaging Centers, according to recent research.* This research also shows that the number of imaging procedures has been growing at a rate of about 8% per year since 1995.
Since 1899, MedPro has led the way in defending the professionals in the medical community against healthcare liability claims. The financial strength to stand and fight, the capabilities to mount the strongest defense possible, practical solutions that keep you from getting into litigious situations in the first place — these are the bedrock principles that drive us. Let us put them to work for you, your center and your physicians.
*Research done by Tiber Group for the special report "Imaging: The Race is On"

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