Dramatization of a Malpractice Trial

Most in the dental community have not witnessed or been involved in a malpractice trial. The following video gives you a flavor of the intensity, stress, unpredictability and potential lack of control that the defendant may feel. Having a robust defense team can make all the difference in the outcome of a verdict.


You Have A Choice In Malpractice Insurance

MedPro remained when most malpractice insurance companies were leaving the oral surgery marketplace – and OMSNIC was just starting out. Why should that matter to you? Because if you experience a malpractice claim or want to manage risk in your practice, we have the longevity and experience you can count on. After all, we were doing this long before our closest competitors – nearly four times longer to be exact – and we'll be doing it long after.


As a Berkshire Hathaway company with an A.M Best financial strength rating of A++ (Superior), MedPro has nearly 120 years of experience in this industry. MedPro's stability ensures that the company is well-positioned to protect oral surgeons well into the next century. It's a promise we feel confident making.


MedPro offers oral surgeons options that extend beyond a one-size-fits-all policy. Whether you're new to practice or you've been practicing for 30 years, if you're adding an Associate (or two) or moonlighting, MedPro's varied policy options are designed to fit your unique needs. MedPro allows you to switch your existing Claims-made policy to Occurrence without purchasing expensive tail coverage or causing any gaps in coverage. That said, if a Claims-made policy is the best fit for you, MedPro's Claims-made policy allows you the flexibility to retire at any age – unlike other carriers. (MedPro requires that you've had a mature Claims-made policy for one year with us before you make the decision to retire.)


Unlike other OMS providers, MedPro's depth of experience extends beyond oral surgery. Not only are we experts in defending claims against you and your OMS peers, we are trusted to protect a wide range of healthcare specialties and facilities. You can rest assured knowing you're protected by the best.


Throughout its century-plus history, MedPro has offered insureds a pure consent to settle provision. That means if a claim against you goes to trial, you have the final say regarding settlement. MedPro won't force you to settle. This provision is so popular among your peers that other carriers (including OMSNIC) have adopted it in recent years. Perhaps they're starting to see what MedPro has known from the start—this is your career and your livelihood. Should a claim go to trial, you should be the one to decide when (or if) to settle. Your insurance carrier shouldn't make that decision for you.


We continue to develop options that address emerging issues related to cyber liability ($50,000 limit coverage already included in your coverage). Click here to learn more.


MedPro's OMS Preferred program does not require a capital contribution, which reduces your malpractice insurance costs, giving you the ability to invest the savings wherever you choose.

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