Choosing the Best Liability Partner for You

As an optometrist, you likely already appreciate the importance of stability and strength in your liability insurance carrier. MedPro Group has over 110 years of experience in protecting the assets and reputations of healthcare providers. Plus, MedPro Group is a Berkshire Hathaway company with the highest financial ratings in the industry. What does that mean for you? Stable premiums. Exceptional courtroom performance. Policy provisions that are in your favor. We are your ally. So, how does the competition really compare?

How do other companies measure up to MedPro?

Key Facts MedPro Other
A.M. Best rating as of 7/21/2016 A++  
S&P Rating as of 2015 AA+  
Years of liability experience 115+  
Nationwide trial win percentage? 90%  
Total number of liability claims resolved nationwide? ~400,000+  
Does the company offer both claims-made and occurrence policies? Yes  
Does the company offer pure consent to settle without a hammer clause or binding arbitration? Yes  
Does the company have a proven track record for weathering difficult economic cycles, including the Great Depression and two world wars? Yes  
Does the company have defense expertise from insuring the entire spectrum of healthcare providers and facilities? Yes  

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