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Medical Protective is an ASDA Member Benefit. All ASDA members are eligible for an exclusive 25% discount on their premium during their first year of practice with Medical Protective. This discount is in addition to other discounts that new graduates receive, such as new to practice and new to company discounts.

Please contact Medical Protective for details and an individualized premium estimate.

Malpractice Minute:

As the nation's largest malpractice insurer, MedPro has seen thousands of dental malpractice cases—often with repeated themes. That's why we offer the Malpractice Minute to dental students and residents. These quarterly email articles are drawn from the actual experiences of newly graduated dentists.

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Clinical Board Exam Coverage:

MedPro offers free malpractice insurance coverage for your board exams so you can focus just on dentistry. Some board exams offer malpractice coverage with the exam fee. Our policy will replace this coverage and offers two distinct advantages:

  1. We cover all board exams that you may take in one policy
  2. We offer an occurrence policy, which is more appropriate for board exam coverage.


CLICK HERE to request your Clinical Board Exam Coverage.

"MedPro has been one of ASDA's strongest sponsors for many years, on both the national and local levels. They truly understand malpractice insurance, have made it their goal to educate us as students on this topic, and help us transition from dental students into our future careers."

Sohaib Soliman,
ASDA president

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