When to buy?

When should you start thinking about dental liability insurance options?

Choosing dental liability insurance will be one of your most important decisions at the start of your dental career. Your choice of company and coverage will have long-lasting effects on your career. So, we encourage you to make a thoughtful and informed decision. MedPro Group makes the process easy. Below, we have provided a quick timeline that indicates when you will need to think about obtaining coverage.

Liability Insurance Timeline:


  • Now: School Coverage. Your school typically provides coverage for patient interactions in any school-sponsored capacity.

  • 3rd or 4th Year: Externship Coverage. Some dental students choose an externship outside of their own school and may be required to secure their own liability insurance. MedPro Group offers a policy specifically for this situation. Please email dentalstudents@medpro.com or call 800-4MEDPRO x3536 for more information.

  • 4th Year: Board Coverage. You are required to obtain liability insurance coverage for your board exams. Some dental boards have pre-arranged coverage for their exam. However, before you choose to accept such coverage (with a carrier that may not specialize in liability insurance), you should consider an upgrade to a no-cost MedPro Group policy. Apply here for board coverage.

  • After Graduation: Practice/Moonlighting Coverage. Whether you enter practice or decide to moonlight during your residency program, you will need to obtain your own dental liability insurance policy.

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We are committed to keeping you informed about liability insurance throughout your education. If you haven't already seen us at a vendor fair, lunch-and-learn or ASDA meeting, please contact MedPro Group with questions or to find out how to connect with us in person.

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