Choosing Dental Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance will be one of your most important buying decisions at the start of your dental career. For this reason, Medical Protective is committed to providing students with information, support and solutions throughout the dental school experience.

Malpractice 101 for Dental Students and Residents

Medical Protective has designed a digital handbook for dental students which provides facts, insights, educational websites, resources, and tools that will help you select a dental malpractice company and an insurance policy. Download the Malpractice 101 PDF, or if you have an iPad or iPad Mini, or search "Medical Protective" in iBooks for the multitouch, interactive iBook edition of Malpractice 101.


Medical Protective has a dedicated dental student team. Contact us to schedule a lunch-and-learn, to request attendance at your vendor fair, or to ask about anything that's on your mind. The team can be reached at or 800-463-3776 x3536.


Externship Coverage: Medical Protective offers malpractice insurance for dental students who choose an externship outside of their own school. Please email or call 800-4MEDPRO x3536 for more information.

Board Exam Coverage: Medical Protective provides malpractice insurance coverage for your board exams, free of charge. The policy is an occurrence policy with $1million limit per occurrence and $3million limit per year.
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All ASDA members receive an exclusive ASDA discount in addition to the New to Practice discounts.

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