Continuing Education Risk Courses


MedPro Group is pleased to offer a variety of general and targeted risk management continuing education (CE) courses through our preferred vendors. These educational opportunities are available to both insureds and noninsureds. Insureds who successfully complete risk courses may be eligible for a risk management premium credit at their next policy renewal. Premium credit eligibility and amount are subject to state insurance filings and policy type. If eligibility requirements are met, each course may be applied as risk credit one time only- courses cannot be repeated for additional premium credit. Completion of a risk management course does not imply or guarantee renewal.

The Sullivan Group

MedPro Group has collaborated with The Sullivan Group to offer compelling and fully accredited online risk management courses for dentists and physicians. Various patient safety-focused courses relevant to all healthcare providers and risk managers are also available. The Sullivan Group has been active in the risk management field since 1998, assisting physicians, dentists, nurses, allied health team members, insurers, and hospital administrators in their efforts to identify and manage the liability risks inherent in caring for patients in a complex environment.

Specialty and Patient Safety Courses

ChiroPreferred has collaborated with to offer a variety of engaging and fully accredited online risk management programs. Topics highlighted in the 1-year and 3-year premium credit bundles include risk, emergency procedures, boundary training, documentation, ethics, medical errors, and more.

After you register on ChiroCredit's website, click the courses tab and select a ChiroPreferred bundle from the ‘Specially Priced Course Bundles' drop down. Once you have completed the course bundle, please submit your certificates to If you have any questions, please call us at 800-463-3776, extension 119649.

Chiropractor Courses

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