Risk Management Mentor Program


Healthcare Providers

The healthcare providers module provides information on credentialing and privileging, telemedicine, and informed consent. The module identifies risk factors regarding employed and contracted providers, examines risks specific to acquired medical office practices, and explores alignment opportunities with medical office practices and healthcare organizations to improve patient safety. An explanation of the credentialing and privileging process is presented including red flags to be found, the potential liability associated with it, and how it applies to advanced practice providers.

Telemedicine and its benefits and technology aspects are also introduced in the module. Strategies for complying with state medical board requirements and state regulations are included as well as the essential elements and risk issues to be considered in implementing a telemedicine program.

Information on the tenets and elements of informed consent are presented in the module including exceptions to and special circumstances for informed consent. Informed refusal is also included as well as the clarification on the communication and documentation needs for informed consent.


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