The "I'm Sorry" Dilemma: Disclosing & Remediating Unanticipated Outcomes in Healthcare

Adverse events and errors in treatment unfortunately still occur in modern medicine. How these adverse events and errors are handled is critical in maintaining positive patient relationships and managing potential professional liability exposure. This program explores the history of disclosure of unanticipated outcomes of treatment, including the current regulatory and strategic approach to disclosure. The program also covers handling the disclosure of unexpected outcomes from a practical and logistical standpoint. Watch this webinar

   Meeting the Challenge: Managing Difficult and Noncompliant Patients

Healthcare providers often accept patients into their practices, but later regret these decisions based on the emergence of difficult or noncompliant patient behaviors. Identifying the potential for these behaviors and learning how to manage them is key to successful provider–patient relationships. This program provides participants with information about managing difficult and noncompliant patient behaviors by addressing situational circumstances, provider/staff issues, and patient factors. Watch this webinar

   Fraud, Abuse, & Waste, Oh My! Developing an Effective Compliance Program

As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, healthcare practices and organizations are required to develop effective compliance programs. The purpose of a healthcare compliance program is to prevent and detect illegal activity and provide a roadmap for ethical business practice. This webinar will provide an overview of the essential elements of a compliance program and describe key statutes and regulations that should be considered as part of compliance activities. Participants will have an opportunity to (a) review and analyze actual cases involving violations of the fraud, waste, and abuse laws, and (b) learn how to mitigate the risk of similar allegations in their organizations. Watch this webinar

  Plastic Surgery: Claims Trends, Risk Issues, and Prevention Strategies

Plastic surgeons face multiple challenges in everyday practice, such as managing patient expectations, handling patient complaints and requests for refunds and waivers, and incorporating new communication channels, such as social media. This program touches on all of these topics and provides plastic surgeons with informative case studies, lessons learned from litigation, and risk management strategies. Watch this webinar

  Dentistry by the Numbers: Claims Data Analysis & Risk-Reduction Solutions

This webinar addresses the leading risk factors involved in dental claims and the common reasons dentists call MedPro Group for risk management advice. Participants will learn strategies to reduce risks associated with the issues highlighted during this program. Watch this webinar

  Anesthesiology: Claims Trends, Risk Issues, and Prevention Strategies

Anesthesiologists and other anesthesia providers must consider a number of patient safety and risk issues as part of everyday practice. This webinar draws on MedPro's detailed claims data to examine top claims trends and risk issues in anesthesiology. Participants will learn best practices and strategies related to management of high-risk patients, informed consent, documentation, and disclosure of unanticipated events. Watch this webinar

Reducing Risks Through Effective Communication: AHRQ's TeamSTEPPS®

This webinar provides a high-level overview of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ's) TeamSTEPPS® program. TeamSTEPPS is designed to enhance healthcare teamwork and communication in an effort to improve patient safety and optimize patient outcomes. Watch this webinar

    Technology Tightrope: Balancing Digital Advances With Patient Safety and Risk Concerns

Is your office practice walking the technology tightrope? This webinar will address current hot topics related to technology, including data security, electronic communication, electronic health records, and telehealth. Participants will learn how to proactively assess new technologies and mitigate associated risks. Watch this webinar

  Diagnostic Errors: A Real Threat to Patient Safety

Diagnostic errors often are not recognized or reported, and, until recently, they received little public or scientific attention. Yet these errors result in a higher frequency of malpractice claims and larger payouts than other types of errors. This webinar will review the top factors that contribute to diagnosis-related malpractice allegations and provide participants with strategies to reduce risks associated with diagnostic errors. Watch this webinar

  The Impact of Disruptive Behavior on Patient Care and Practice, and Strategies to Mitigate Risks

Disruptive behavior can have a significant impact on patient safety and ultimately lead to adverse events. This webinar will (a) use case scenarios to demonstrate various types of disruptive behavior, and (b) present strategies to help healthcare providers address and minimize the effects of disruptive behavior. Watch this webinar

  A Risk Management Review: Infection Prevention and Control in Dental Practices

Over the last several years, an increase in infection outbreaks in ambulatory care has occurred, including in dental practices. Is your practice implementing the precautions necessary to protect your patients and staff? This webinar will offer risk strategies that support a comprehensive infection prevention and control program. Watch this webinar

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